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LightWave  ServerTM  allows HPE NonStop users to expose their existing Guardian or Pathway servers as industry-standard REST services.

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LightWave ClientTM allows applications running on HPE NonStop servers to securely access public or private REST APIs.

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What's New at NuWave?

November NEW

NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020 - All Digital!

At NuWave, as with many NonStop users, we look forward all year to the main NonStop user event, the Technical Boot Camp.  This year's event, like most of 2020, is going to be a little different, but we're sure it will be great nonetheless.  Read our latest blog for more details.


October NEW

Microservices video blog - NonStop and microservices

We've been getting some questions on microservices - what are they?  How do I get my NonStop applicatios to participate in a microservices environment?  This video blog explains how to get your NonStop applications playing nicely with microservices!


October NEW

New LightWave Feature Tutorial: Message Logging

NuWave's CTO, Dave Belliveau, has recently started a series of tutorial videos outlining new LightWave features.  His latest video, on the Message Logging feature, is now avaiable.  Check it out here!


September NEW

Insider Case Study: Video Summary and Q&A

We recently hosted a webinar detailing how Insider Technologies implemented LightWave Server to provide a new, modern GUI for their Reflex systems monitoring solution.  This video gives a short summary of that presentation, along with the complete Q&A from the session:


About NuWave

NuWave Technologies is the leader in HPE NonStop middleware, helping companies around the world to integrate their mission-critical applications with services and applications within and outside of their enterprise. Some of the biggest and best organizations use our solutions to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. You, too, can remove silos, connect to your customers and partners, and go to market faster by leveraging the power of Web services with solutions like LightWave ServerTM and LightWave ClientTM

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HPE NonStop Solutions

At NuWave Technologies, we take pride in our innovative, intuitive software solutions. Our HPE NonStop middleware products include LightWave ServerTM, LightWave ClientTM, SOAPam® Server, and SOAPam® Client, all of which run in the Guardian environment. Our extensive experience in the NonStop space means that our experts are here to help you modernize your applications quickly and cost effectively.

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