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Data Transfer for HPE NonStop and AWS Storage

Easily transfer data between your Native NonStop Applications and your Enterprise cloud AWS Simple Storage Server (S3)

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Since the introduction of AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), S3 compatible object services have become highly popular, with each of the major cloud services providing S3 compatible storage, and a number of "S3 only" storage services also available. 



These services provide low cost, durable storage, and are used for both archiving of file data and transferring data to other parties or services. However, while there are a number of utilities available to integrate with S3 object storage, none are available in HPE NonStop Server Guardian environment. Of those that may be available in the OSS environment, none support online transaction processing (OLTP), the model used by most NonStop Server applications.

S3 Integration made easy

The S3COM utility provides a command line interface to S3 storage which is compatible with the Guardian COM program model. This allows the program to be driven by batch scripts written in TACL. After some simple configuration, customers can begin reading and writing data directly to S3 storage. The utility also provides the ability to list, delete, or move objects within the object store.


The S3CLIENT process can be deployed as a standalone server or TS/MP serverclass and provides integration with S3 object storage services via a simple IPM based application programming interface. This allows existing or new NonStop applications to integrate with S3 storage as part of their online transaction processing.

Core Benefits

S3Utils leverages years of experience of our team with REST, NonStop, and AWS environments to present a solution that does the heavy lifting of integration of AWS  with HPE NonStop based applications.

Benefits include:

  • Modernize programmatic access to existing enterprise applications 

  • Respond faster to changing business demands 

  • Securely transact business with partners and customers using  AWS

  • Integrate with internal and external third-party application 

Leverage the data and functionally of existing NonStop applications  and  increase revenue potential through introduction of new business services and expansion of existing ones.

Potential Uses

  • Backup data to inexpensive and durable S3 storage.

  • Export NonStop data to AWS services such as Glue, Redshift, Athena, or Quicksight via S3 

  • Exchange data with Business Partners

NonStop Fundamentals

  • Guardian-based - No need to run OSS, or to have any additional software installed.  Much simpler installation and management for NonStop environments.

  • Fault tolerant - Eliminates the risk of downtime with hardware that is dual redundant everything, and system and application software that is robust and self healing. The goal of every NonStop developer is "no single point of failure".

Financial Advantages

  • Extend the value of your NonStop applications and data

  • Position your IT organization to adopt new technology with minimal effort


Strategic Advantages

  • Securely exchange data with partners and customers through AWS S3 as a trusted medium

  • Adapt to business partners using AWS connectivity, without costly software development

  • Expand business offerings to increase market share
    Facilitate incremental migration to modern, standards-based technology

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Key Features

NonStop Fundamentals

  • Runs in Guardian 

  • Available on TNS/E and TNS/X systems

  • Fault-tolerant  

Performance Monitoring

  • EMS Process event logging

  • Diagnostic logging

Rapid Development

  • Standards-based (TLS/AWS S3)

  • Easy to use

  • Rapid AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) integration

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"With S3Utils, we've leveraged our experience with REST and AWS services and created a solution that does all the heavy lifting. Now integrating with S3 object storage services is no more complicated than using the HPE NonStop FUP utility or sending a message to a pathway serverclass."

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