Web Service Access to HPE NonStop Just Got Easier

NuWave Product Logos_NuWave Server LogoHPE Nonstop platforms host businesses’ “crown jewel” applications, ranging from OLTP systems to “book of record” databases. However, these applications typically have minimal exposure to internal systems and third-party applications.

An easy way to provide a manageable and secure interaction with these applications is through a REST-based interface.

LightWave ServerTM allows users to expose their HPE NonStop-hosted applications as industry-standard REST services. These services can then be accessed from REST-enabled clients running on virtually any computing platform. LightWave ServerTM does this painlessly while maintaining the security, reliability, and scalability of the HPE NonStop server and applications. This allows customers to integrate the NonStop into their corporate SOA strategy with minimal investment of capital and time.

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Core Benefits

  • Modernize programmatic access to existing enterprise applications - Expose existing, production-proven applications as modern RESTful Web services.
  • Respond faster to changing business demands - Securely transact business with partners and customers using disparate platforms or the cloud.
  • Integrate with internal and external third-party applications - Securely connect your NonStop systems to applications running on any Web services compliant platform.
  • Leverage the data and functionally of existing NonStop applications - Increase revenue through the introduction of new business services.


NonStop Fundamentals

  • Guardian-based - No need to run OSS, or have any additional software installed. Much simpler installation and management for NonStop environments.
  • Fault-tolerant - Eliminates the risk of downtime with hardware that is dual redundant everything, and system and application software that is robust and self-healing. The goal of every NonStop developer is "no single point of failure".

Potential Uses

  • Allow access to HPE NonStop applications from a mobile application or IoT device like an Amazon Echo.
  • Integrate with payment engines like BASE24, Connex, or homegrown solutions.
  • Connect your NonStop applications to software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions like Salesforce, ServiceNow, or any XaaS offering.

Financial Advantages

  • Increase the value of your NonStop applications and data
  • Position your IT organization to adopt new technology with minimal effort
  • Increase revenue through the introduction of new business services

Strategic Advantages

  • Securely transact business with partners and customers using disparate platforms or the cloud
  • Adapt to business partners using Web services connectivity, without costly software development
  • Expand business offerings to increase market share
  • Facilitate incremental migration to modern, standards-based technology
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Key Features

NonStop Fundamentals

  • Runs in Guardian
  • Available on TNS/E and TNS/X systems
  • Fault-tolerant
  • Transaction Management support

Performance Monitoring

  • Process event logging
  • Diagnostic logging
  • Auditing & statistics
  • HTTP server logging

Rapid Development

  • Standards-based (HTTP, SSL/TLS, JSON)
  • Browser-based interface for service definition and management
  • Interfaces directly with DDL dictionaries

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