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Navigating Towards Sustainability: NuWave Technologies


NuWave Technologies is renowned for its innovative enterprise solutions, particularly in HPE NonStop integration, catering to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 businesses. However, beyond technological advancements, NuWave is committed to sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact and promoting responsible business practices.

To start with,  by transitioning to a remote work model, NuWave has significantly reduced its employees' reliance on commuting, resulting in substantial emissions savings. On average, each remote-working employee reduces their annual carbon dioxide emissions by 3 metric tons compared to traditional commuting practices.

The shift towards remote work has not only reduced car emissions but also alleviated traffic congestion and wear on road infrastructure. NuWave's remote work policy has led to a 25% decrease in vehicle miles traveled by its employees, contributing to reduced road congestion and maintenance costs for local communities.

Through virtualization and remote work arrangements, NuWave has decreased its reliance on large physical office spaces. This has translated to significant energy savings and reduced environmental impact associated with maintaining and operating large buildings. In the past year alone, NuWave's virtualization efforts have resulted in a 30% reduction in building-related energy consumption and emissions.

NuWave's commitment to sustainability extends to promoting employee well-being and satisfaction. Remote work opportunities have been shown to increase employee happiness and work-life balance. To help stay connected with one another, NuWave has team - building activities every week. Our weekly coffee break, where we  talk about everything and anything under the sky, is one such tradition that keeps us all connected personally and professionally. 

Despite working remotely, NuWave fosters a very collaborative work environment through innovative digital tools and platforms. Virtual meetings, project management software, and real-time collaboration tools have enhanced team communication and productivity. As a result, our employees feel that their team collaboration has improved since adopting remote work practices.

NuWave integrates sustainability principles into its project management practices, ensuring that environmental considerations are incorporated into decision-making processes. For example, when developing new software solutions, NuWave prioritizes energy efficiency and resource optimization, resulting in products that minimize environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. This approach has led to a 15% reduction in resource consumption for each software development project undertaken by NuWave.

Here's how we progressed through the sustainability journey within each department:


In engineering, We at NuWave Technologies focused on optimizing software and systems to reduce energy consumption and resource wastage. One notable step taken by NuWave is the virtualization of its operations, enabling employees to work remotely five days a week. This shift not only minimizes energy use related to commuting but also reduces the company's overall carbon footprint. 

In addition, our Engineering infrastructure extensively utilizes Amazon Web Services. We have moved all existing resources, and continue to deploy new ones, to AWS carbon-neutral regions. This approach reduces our Engineering infrastructure's carbon footprint towards near zero.


NuWave actively promotes sustainability through its sales and partnerships. We emphasize the importance of aligning with environmentally conscious clients and suppliers. NuWave's transition to e-signatures and paperless interactions with customers exemplifies this commitment, significantly reducing paper waste and associated environmental impact.


In the finance department, we integrate sustainability into our core practices, yielding both environmental and financial benefits. By embracing remote work, we save on overhead costs associated with physical office spaces while reducing commuting expenses for employees. Strategic resource allocation supports eco-friendly investments, including giveaways for events and tradeshows, leading to long-term financial stability. Financial support for environmental causes further demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, ensuring a greener future for all.


Sustainability is a core value at NuWave Technologies, guiding our actions and decisions as we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and society. We recognize the need to address climate change and minimize our ecological footprint, which is why we have implemented various initiatives to promote sustainability across our operations.

One of our key sustainability efforts is reducing paper waste by embracing digital solutions. Over the past few years, NuWave has significantly decreased its paper usage by approximately 90% through measures such as limiting printing, transitioning to paperless interactions with vendors and service providers, and increasing the use of electronic signatures. This reduction not only conserves valuable resources but also helps mitigate deforestation and carbon emissions associated with paper production.

In addition to internal practices, NuWave is committed to supporting environmental causes through strategic practices. We contribute a percentage of our profits to non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting ocean ecosystems and addressing major ocean conservation challenges.

About Us:

NuWave Technologies leads the way in innovative enterprise solutions, specializing in HPE NonStop integration. Our mission is twofold: to deliver intuitive software solutions while making a positive impact. With a focus in sustainability, we’re dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and supporting initiatives for a greener future. Join us, as we innovate, streamline and make a difference.

Our integration solutions:

LightWave Client: LightWave Client™ facilitates seamless and secure access to REST Web services from applications operating on NonStop servers, regardless of platform or operating system.

LightWave Server: LightWave Server™ enables users to transform their HPE NonStop-hosted applications into industry-standard REST services, making them accessible to a wider range of platforms.

Prizm Gateway: APIs play a pivotal role in enterprise infrastructure and application architecture. Prizm Gateway™ simplifies the process of enabling, maintaining, monitoring, and securing all API connections across the entire enterprise.

S3Utils: Effortlessly transfer data between your Native NonStop Applications and your enterprise cloud using AWS Simple Storage Service (S3).

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