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LightWave  ServerTM  allows HPE NonStop users to expose their existing Guardian or Pathway servers as industry-standard REST services.

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LightWave ClientTM allows applications running on HPE NonStop servers to securely access public or private REST APIs.

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About NuWave

NuWave Technologies is the leader in HPE NonStop middleware, helping companies around the world to integrate their mission-critical applications with services and applications within and outside of their enterprise. Some of the biggest and best organizations use our solutions to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. You, too, can remove silos, connect to your customers and partners, and go to market faster by leveraging the power of Web services with solutions like LightWave ServerTM and LightWave ClientTM

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What's New at NuWave?

March NEW

NuWave and Insider Announce Partnership

NuWave Technologies recently announced a formal partnership with Insider Technologies - see the press release here.


February NEW

ACME Payments Demo Short Video


Our latest short YouTube video shows how LightWave Server and LightWave Client can be used to modernize your payments application.  It was a really popular demo at TBC 2019, so check it out here!


January NEW

GIT-ing It Done - NuWave Demos


NuWave develops and maintains a wide range of demos and sample applications that use LightWave Server and LightWave Client to show a variety of REST based capabilities.  They're all fully documented and super-easy to download and get running in your own environment.  Check out this blog post to learn more.


December NEW

TBC 2019 In Photos


We had a great time at TBC 2019.  Check out our latest blog to see some of our favorite photos from the show. 



Our Customers

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HPE NonStop Solutions

At NuWave Technologies, we take pride in our innovative, intuitive software solutions. Our HPE NonStop middleware products include LightWave ServerTM, LightWave ClientTM, SOAPam® Server, and SOAPam® Client, all of which run in the Guardian environment. Our extensive experience in the NonStop space means that our experts are here to help you modernize your applications quickly and cost effectively.

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