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NuWave Technologies

NuWave has been a leader in middleware for HPE NonStop servers since 2001, and it is still our focus today.
Our experts can quickly integrate your applications to increase efficiency and lower costs.

We are The Middleware Guys.

LightWave  ServerTM  allows you to expose your existing Guardian or Pathway servers as industry-standard REST services.

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LightWave ClientTM allows applications running on NonStop servers to securely access REST Web services  on any platform.

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SOAPam® Server allows you to expose your existing Guardian or Pathway servers as industry-standard Web services.

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SOAPam® Client allows NonStop applications to access, or "consume", Web services on any platform anywhere in the world.

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What's New at NuWave?

April NEW

New Spring Events

We look forward to participating in upcoming HPE NonStop User Group meetings in Europe and the USA. NuWave will be at the events to answer all of your NonStop middleware questions and scheduled to present "REST Services in Action: Using RESTful APIs with HPE NonStop Applications"


April NEW

New Raymond James Story

Jes Thamdrump of Raymond James presented on his company's use of SOAPam Client at Boot Camp, as well as their plans to begin using REST to open up their NonStop even more. Check out his article in The Connection to learn more.


March NEW.png

"REST Services in Action" Video

Watch our latest webinar on accessing REST services and exposing NonStop applications as REST services. Lots of demos in this video on LightWave Server and LightWave Client.


January NEW.png

TBC Recap Webinar Video

As usual, we had a great time at NonStop Technical Boot Camp this year in San Francisco! Check out what you may have missed and our takeaways from this great event on our News & Events page.


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NuWave's Software and Services

At NuWave Technologies, we take pride in our innovative, intuitive software solutions, including our middleware for HPE NonStop servers. Our HPE NonStop middleware products include LightWave ServerTM, LightWave ClientTM, SOAPam® Server, and SOAPam® Client, all of which run in the Guardian environment. Our extensive experience in the NonStop space means our experts are here to help you with your middleware solutions to monderize your systrems quickly and cost effectively.

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Our Customers

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About Our Company

Who are The Middleware Guys? We are NuWave Technologies and we specialize in middleware for HPE NonStop severs, including Web services solutions such as our well-known SOAPam® products, and our newest product line, LightWave.

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