NuWave's Software and Services

At NuWave Technologies, we take pride in our innovative, intuitive software solutions, including our middleware for HP NonStop servers and Intelligent Capture for Windows. We also take pride in our IT consulting services, which we have been providing to corporations for over 15 years.


Our HP NonStop middleware products include LightWave™ ServerSOAPam® Server, and SOAPam® Client, all of which run in the Guardian environment.


Intelligent Capture, powered by Brainware, is the fastest and most accurate way to capture data. With this software, corporations can decrease their data entry costs by automating the processing of invoices and other documents.


NuWave's HP NonStop OfferingsHP NonStop Products
Expose HP NonStop applications as SOAP or JSON Web services and access external Web services from your NonStop applications.


NuWave's Intelligent Capture

Data Capture Solutions
Elimate manual data entry and improve transactional efficiency with Intelligent Capture, powered by Brainware.