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NuWave Prizm Gateway™ is now Generally Available for the HPE NonStop!

The NonStop based Gateway for all your APIs!

The Leader in HPE NonStop Web Services Integration is proud to announce that our newest solution Prizm Gateway™ is now GA for the HPE NonStop platform!

Prizm Gateway™ routes all API calls through a single point of entry while enabling traffic management, denial of service (DoS) protection, authorization, and access control, service deployment, load balancing, and monitoring.

Prizm Gateway™ makes it easy to manage and protect your REST infrastructure and provides:

  • A single point of entry for all communication between frontend clients and backend servers.

  • A central point for DoS protection and authentication

  • A central point for service load balancing

  • A central point for service upgrades through the canary (A/B) deployment method

Prizm Gateway™ easies the lives of your security, operations, and development staffs because they don't have to implement any of these features for each individual service and microservice in your environment!

This is all accomplished on the most scalable, robust, and fault-tolerant platform: the HPE NonStop.

"API gateways are critical components of API application architecture. With the release of Prizm Gateway, we've provided the ability for users to secure and manage their APIs on the NonStop, and throughout their enterprise."

Dave Belliveau

CTO | NuWave Technologies

To learn more about Prizm Gateway™ please visit



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