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Virtual TBC 2020 - A Resounding Success!

On November 16-18 this year, HPE NonStop users from around the world gathered, not in San Francisco or San Jose, as we have done in the past, but around our laptops and Whova. It was a very different NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) this year, but a great success nonetheless, with a record number of attendees!

Some of the highlights for us were the hardware product updates from Mark Pollans, complete with the traditional "ooh"s and "aah"s, admittedly this time provided by Mark himself. The customer testimonials from Dell and Euroclear covering their vNonStop experiences were informative and exciting, as were the other product updates from the hardworking HPE staff.

Closer to our own wheelhouse, we were joined by Gustavo Martinez from RedLink, who presented in fascinating detail how RedLink have implemented a reusable REST client framework for BASE24 using NuWave LightWave ClientTM. You can go straight to Gustavo's excellent BASE24 integration presentation on the NuWave YouTube channel.

All in, 2000 people signed up for TBC this year, more than double the highest number of attendees at the traditional face-to-face TBC sessions of the past. Whatever happens with face-to-face gatherings, we suspect that future TBCs will have some sort of virtual component for many years to come.

One of the best aspects of the virtual event was that all sessions are now available to replay on demand, meaning if you couldn't attend, or missed a session due to a clash in your schedule, you can view it any time you like. All of the sessions are available at the dedicated TBC Vimeo channel.

Since we were missing all of your lovely faces, this year NuWave sponsored the photo contest, where attendees voted on their favorite photo from a large number of submissions via the Whova event app. The photo with the most likes, and the winner of this competition was Gustavo Martinez, with a photo of him and XYPRO's Gabriel Alvarez:

Congratulations to Gustavo and to all the competition winners this year. We enjoyed seeing all of the photo submissions!

So while TBC was quite different this year, it was a great success nonetheless. Congratulations to HPE, Connect, and all vendors and customers for making it such a great show. We are very much looking forward to TBC 2021 in Denver, and hope to see all of our HPE NonStop friends in person sometime soon!



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