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NuWave Announces Partnership with Insider Technologies

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

NuWave Technologies today announced a formal partnership with Insider Technologies to further extend the capabilities of Insider's HPE NonStop products. NuWave’s LightWave ServerTM allows Insider Technologies to enhance the visual experience of its Reflex monitoring tool, providing real time insights into NonStop performance and health. Status alerts, critical alerts, and access to historical data are accessed directly from the Reflex dashboard.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with NuWave, a NonStop middleware specialist that enables us to complement our monitoring platforms”, says Karl Todd, Product Owner at Insider Technologies. “Our clients are among the most demanding in the world. It’s important that we are constantly innovating to bring the best in class experience that they have come to expect from our mission-critical tools.”

An improved GUI enables Reflex users to select views of physical and virtual disks; busy processes and bad processes. From each item, users can drill down further to obtain metrics and any associated alerts relating to their NonStop environment and applications, providing operational teams with early warning of business process vulnerabilities.

Andrew Price, Director of Sales and Business Operations at NuWave said “This partnership underlines the value of our modernization tools. Not only are we able to demonstrate the power of LightWave ServerTM by combining it with an established mission-critical product like Reflex, but Insider Technologies will also benefit from exposure to new markets where NuWave has an established presence.”

Reflex is a dynamic operations and service management product for the HPE NonStop arena. Advanced architecture provides object based, state table monitoring of systems, networks, hardware, subsystems, processes, files, applications, events, and 3rd party applications. Reflex’s unique design lies in its ability to pull together a massive amount of active monitoring into a single set of screen objects, providing the means to diagnose a problem object in more detail via context sensitive drill-down.

LightWave ServerTM is a REST-based middleware solution that allows HPE NonStop applications to be exposed as REST Web services. Those services can then be accessed by partners, customers, or other parts of the user’s business to provide increased functionality and performance of the NonStop server by securely allowing direct access. LightWave ServerTM is also commonly used to connect a NonStop application to a graphical user interface (GUI), as in this instance.

About Insider Technologies: For nearly 30 years, Insider’s solutions have been at the heart of their clients’ infrastructures. From the UK's Central Bank to the most secure intelligence agencies, Insider Technologies is a worldwide leader in big data monitoring and management.



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