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Educational Webinar - The Benefits of Migrating to REST from SOAP

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol and most Web services started out using this protocol. As the internet has evolved, developers and companies needed a way to quickly build more lightweight web and mobile applications.

This need drove the development of a new architecture, the REST API (application programming interface). REST has quickly gained popularity, as it supports multiple data formats and WS security. Since 2018, most public Web services have provided REST APIs over SOAP.

Some enterprise users still use SOAP for their Web services, but we at NuWave encourage migration to REST APIs where possible, for a number of reasons.

In this educational webinar, NuWave and our partner TIC Software will dive into the benefits of migrating to REST from SOAP and discuss what a migration would look like for HPE NonStop customers. One example of this type of migration that we will delve into is the migration from SOAPam® Server to LightWave ServerTM to access Pathway applications using REST instead of SOAP.



Casey Krasner

Director of Revenue @NuWave Technologies

Main Speaker

Phil Ly

President and Modernization Expert @TIC Software


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