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At NuWave, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have all the information you need to know what our products can help you accomplish, but that you also understand all of your HPE NonStop middleware options. This is why we offer a variety of information to keep you up to speed, including webinars, white papers, and more.

Videos & Webinars:


Open_UP_Your_NonStop_Thumbnail.pngOpen Up Your NonStop Using REST Services

This webinar will provide a technical overview and some exciting demos to show how easy NuWave's LightWave products make it for NonStop applications to provide and consume REST Web services.

Talk with Your NonStop Thumbnail 2.pngTalk with Your NonStop: Integrating NonStop with Modern Devices

Learn how to use REST APIs to integrate your NonStop applications with modern devices like tablets, cell phones, smart watches, and even the Amazon Echo.


RESTimage.pngImplementing RESTful Services on NonStop

Learn about REST and how you can implement these services on your HPE NonStop servers.


LWS_screenshot.pngLightWave Server™ Demonstration

One of our lead developers takes you through a demonstration of LightWave ServerTM by showing how to use it to look up employee information.


Modernization_Through_INtegration_First_Slide.pngModernization through Integration

View a technical overview and demo of LightWave ServerTM, which allows your HPE NonStop to share information with other platforms using JSON and REST technology.


Interoperability2015.pngIncreasing Your HPE NonStop Interoperability

Discover how your HPE NonStop applications can easily exchange data with a variety of platforms without needing to gut your infrastructure.


SOAPam_Client_Webinar.pngSOAPam® Client Demonstration

Access this in-depth demonstration of NuWave SOAPam® Client to learn how to bring your legacy HPE NonStop applications into the 21st century.



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Customer Stories & Case Studies

Web Power: Cass Information Systems Uses SOAPam® to Modernize Their Applications

Royal Bank of Canada Web-Enables a Core Application Using SOAPam® Products

Globalize IT: How NuWave Helps the US Government Reinvent the Way They Track Maintenance


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White Papers & Articles

Modernization Through Integration (LightWave ServerTM and Minecraft)

Mobile Strategy

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