Want to Learn More About SOAPam® Client?

The ability to quickly, efficiently, and securely access public and private SOAP Web services from your HPE NonStop applications is essential. Information that you need on your NonStop systems is sometimes stored on a disparate platform, or in the cloud, and cannot be accessed without a SOAP client.

What can be done to allow your HPE NonStop applications to request necessary data, without ripping and replacing the entire application?

Access this in-depth demonstration of NuWave SOAPam® Client to learn how to bring your legacy HPE NonStop applications into the 21st century.

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More About SOAPam® Client

SOAPam® Client allows NonStop applications to access, or "consume", Web services on any platform anywhere in the world. SOAPam® Client hides the complexity of TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL/TLS, and SOAP required to participate in Web services.