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NuWave SOAPam® Products

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SOAPam® Server

SOAPam® Server allows you to expose your existing Guardian or Pathway servers as industry-standard Web services. These Web services can then be accessed from SOAP clients running on virtually any computing platform. The product does this while maintaining the security, reliability and scalability of your HP NonStop server and applications.

SOAPam® Server is a Guardian process that accepts SOAP XML-formatted messages via HTTP over TCP/IP. It converts each SOAP requests into your server's own interprocess message format before forwarding to the server. When your server replies, SOAPam® Server converts the interprocess message (IPM) into a SOAP response which it returns to the calling application. There's no need to change your existing servers, so your existing client applications are unaffected.

SOAPam® Client

SOAPam® Client allows HPE NonStop applications to access Web services that are on any platform, anywhere in the world. It hides the complexity of TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL/TLS, and SOAP required to participate in Web services.

Your NonStop application simply sends a formatted interprocess message (IPM) to the SOAPam® Client Process (SOAPAMCP) which handles all of the details of mapping the IPM elements to a SOAP envelope, exchanging the SOAP envelope with the Web service provider, and parsing the SOAP response into the reply IPM.

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Customer Testimonial

"[SOAP/AM Server and SOAP/AM Client] have met our expectations, and then some."

-Jim Crowley, Manager of Internal Programming, Cass Information Systems

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