HPE NonStop Presentations

These presentations focus HPE NonStop integration and application integration using NuWave middleware. For any questions on the latest tools and techniques, contact NuWave today for a consultation with NonStop experts.

SOAPam_Client_WebinarPresentation: Increasing Your NonStop Interoperability
Looking to bolster the capabilities of your legacy applications without needing to gut your infrastructure? Download "Increasing Your NonStop Interoperability" to discover how your NonStop applications can easily exchange data with a variety of modern platforms.


SOAPam_Client_WebinarVideo: SOAPam® Client Demonstration Webinar
Check out this informative webinar to discover how SOAPam® Client can help your NonStop applications access essential information from external Web services. Watch now to see the secure, efficient capabilities of SOAPam® Client.



Icon Video Modernize

Video: How to Integrate NonStop Applications in 30 Minutes
This recorded webinar provides an overview of solutions that connect your NonStop to any business running on any platform and includes case studies for companies applying NuWave products. 


Icon SOA Best PracticesSOA Integration Best Practices
Delivered by NuWave's president, Ernie Guerrera, this presentation provides an overview of service oriented architecture (SOA), and how to leverage SOA during NonStop integration or migration.