MRTUG and OTUG 2017 Wrap Up

Posted by Mandi Nulph on Thu, May 18, 2017

We have two more great events under our belt, and we hope everyone who attended MRTUG and OTUG the other week were as happy with them as we were!

20170502_093931.jpgAbout 50 or so people met in Oakbrook, IL, for this year's MRTUG. We were treated to some great presentations from HPE, including an update from Jeff Skinner, Keith Moore discussing Blockchain/Bitcoin/DLT. He mentioned how they are working on a distributed ledger technology that will help with monetary and non-monetar

y transactions.  It is better and more secure than a banking ledger because it cannot be modified, though it will not be its own currency but it will use exchange rates. We were also treated to a great presentation from Wendy Bartlett on HPE Virtual NonStop and security where she discussed how using Virtual NonStop opens up security issues that must be addressed.  The security issues are not from the NonStop but the platform that you run the Virtual NonStop on, which gives vendors and users alike a lot to think about.

We presented our "Talk to Your NonStop" demonstration using the Amazon Echo to showcase our LightWave ServerTM technology, and were happy to give away an Amazon Dot to Frank Cote Arthur of J. Gallagher & Co. and Ed Bendickson V from Kleinschmidt.

20170504_150809.jpg 20170504_150856.jpg

After we we wrapped up in Illinios, we set off for OTUG in Columbus, Ohio, at the JPMC facility. We heard even more great presentations from HPE and our other friends in the NonStop space, and were happy to hear from HPE about the huge potential for middleware they see coming down the line, especially in the REST API area for micro services. Our LightWave products, including our upcoming offering LightWave ClientTM which is now in testing, allowing users to connect their HPE NonStop using JSON messages and RESTful services to share or consume information with customers, partners, and other employees who are using a disparate platform, a browser, or a mobile device.


We were happy to once again be able to demonstarte these capabilities using an Amazon Echo, and gave away Amazon Dots to Joe Cremeans of Speedway and Joe Florian before enjoying dinner with our friends from JPMC after the event.

Next up we have N2TUG in June, and we hope to see you there!

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