2019 Spring Events Recap

Posted by Andrew Price on Mon, Jun 24, 2019

NuWave has had a busy time over the Northern Hemisphere spring, attending shows in the US, the UK, and Colombia.

First off, at the end of April, was NYTUG.  Held at the HPE offices in Berkeley Heights, NJ, it was well attended, and extremely well organized by Peter Schvarz.  Peter is the brand new NYTUG president, and he took over from NuWave’s Gabrielle Guerrera. Gabrielle also attended the conference, and her presentation covered how NuWave’s customers are gaining a competitive advantage using LightWave products.  

Gabrielle presenting


Phil LY, from NuWave’s partner TIC Software, presented on how customers are using LightWave Server to eliminate greenscreens, and LightWave Client to access cloud services. Ken Goldman, HPE Director of NonStop Sales for North America, gave the great news that there has been a significant increase in NonStop sales in 2018, due partly to some new customers in the US and abroad.  

John Fahey Echo

Gabrielle presenting an Amazon Echo to John Fahey from JPMC.

Gabrielle then headed to Colombia, where together with Ernie Guerrera, they covered the LATUG event.  This excellent conference was held at the Hotel Tegendama, in Bogota, on May 2nd and 3rd.  The keynote session was an excellent presentation by Gina Pardo from Assendared.  There was a wonderful welcome party on the evening of May 2nd which included drinks (of course), appetizers and a very entertaining traditional Colombian dance performance.  Gabrielle also enjoyed a dinner with the other NonStop partners in attendance.

LATUG vendor dinner

Finally, Gabrielle and Andrew headed to beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland, for the newly renamed ETBC Conference, hosted this year by BITUG.  Attendance was brilliant, as was the location - the Sheraton Edinburgh.  Even the weather behaved, with it being sunny and warm all week!  HPE presence was high, with informative presentations from Neil Davis, Franz Koenig, Mark Pollans, and the new Director of NonStop Engineering, Teresa Sorg.

Teresa Sorg

The keynote presentation was a little different, not having a NonStop, or even a technology focus.  It was extremely interesting, however, and came from Justin Wren, a.k.a The Big Pygmy.  He talked about his work in Africa, helping forgotten Pygmy tribes to rebuild their villages by ensuring their access to fresh water.  Gabrielle and Andrew had a chance to talk with Justin during the "Taste of Scotland Gala Dinner":


Gabrielle and Andrew with Justin the Big Pygmy

The dinner function also included bagpipe music, excellent wine, and of course, haggis!  We even got to hear Robert Burns “Address to a Haggis” before we ate it!

Gabrielle and Andrew presented customer case studies, and demonstrated both LightWave Server and LightWave Client, including our new R3 Corda demo.  At that session we gave away an Amazon Echo, and the winner was Hrovje Roncevic from Mercury Processing Services.

Gabrielle with Hrvoje Roncevic Amazon Echo winner

So, all in all, a very busy, but productive and enjoyable couple of months!  We hope to see you at an event soon!