2019 OZTUG Recap

Posted by Andrew Price on Tue, Oct 1, 2019

The recently rejuvenated Australian NonStop User Group (OZTUG) conference took place in early September, and NuWave's Andrew Price (also the OZTUG Chair) was there.  

HPE, OZTUG and vendors were excited to present the 2019 HPE NonStop Technology Summit/OZTUG conference this year.  This event has struggled a little in the past, but with excellent funding from Intel and other vendors, and with logistical support from HPE and OZTUG, the event has now run strongly for the last few years, in both Sydney and Melbourne.  Each location runs for a full day, and uses the same agenda, attracting attendees from Sydney and Melbourne-based customers, but also from customers in Western Australia, Queensland and even New Zealand!

This year the Sydney event was held on Tuesday Sept 3rd at the spectacular Intercontinental Hotel.  Located at Circular Quay, with the right room, or from the pool, you can enjoy views like this:


The view in the conference room was a little less captivating, but pleasant nonetheless:


Suresh Menon Sydney-1

HPE's Suresh Menon opening the Sydney conference

Suresh Menon, General Manager, Mission Critical Solutions, gave the first presentation of the day, which was a NonStop Technology Update.  We were also lucky enough to have Prashanth Kamath, Senior Worldwide NonStop Product Manager, join us from Bangalore.  He gave three presentations - a TS/MP update, a NonStop software update, and a presentation on NonStop Virtualization.   David Gillbanks from HPE Australia, gave a very information presentation on KDDI's recent POC of NonStop Java and SQL/MX compared to Linux and Oracle.

At the end of the day we held the OZTUG Annual General Meeting, where we welcomed a few new board members - thanks to those that put their hands up.  After that, everyone was ready for a drink, and we enjoyed a cocktail hour at the same venue.

Wednesday Sept 4th was a travel day, and all the vendors packed up and headed to Melbourne, where the weather was a little chillier than Sydney, but still lovely.  Our venue for the Melbourne conference, held on the Thursday, was the Park Hyatt Hotel.  No harbour views, but a stunning location:


download (1)

The Melbourne event on Thursday the 5th followed much the same agenda, with attendees also enjoying a cocktail hour at the end of the day.  NuWave's Andrew Price gave a LightWave product update at both locations, which generated some good discussion at the booth with people interested in learning more about how the product might help them integrate with internal API Gateways, which are becoming more and more prevalent with NonStop users.


George Paulides Melbourne

HPE's George Paulides introducing the Melbourne event

Andrew, with both his NuWave and OZTUG hats on. would like to thank HPE and the rest of the vendor community for their assistance in putting these events on.