2017 TBC Recap

Posted by Finbar Collins on Tue, Nov 21, 2017

We recently took part in a very successful TBC at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. It was great to see such a high turnout from the NonStop community, with over 400 total attendees for the event!

With multiple informative and exciting keynotes, there were plenty of takeaways from this year’s TBC. On Monday, HPE’s Randy Meyer noted how NonStop is powering the intelligent edge by processing IoT data on-site. There will be an overflow of information and it will be imperative for companies to process the information at the edge to make business decisions in real time.

Randy Meyer keynote.jpg

Andy Bergholz also spoke on Monday, focusing on specific innovations for the NonStop division expected to arrive in the coming year. NonStop-as-a-service (NSaaS) will allow customers to “pay by the drink” for their NonStop usage, allowing customers to pay only for the cores they need and use. Andy also touched on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), or mission-critical blockchain, and how it will be available as DLT-as-a-service. Learn more about HPE’s blockchain-as-a-service, powered by NonStop, in HPE’s announcement. Other announcements coming out of TBC 2017 include VMware support on NonStop X, IP CLIM TCP/IP failover, and converged virtualized NonStop, all coming in 2018.

Andy Bergholz 3.jpg

There was more buzz about blockchain in Tuesday’s keynote, presented by Raphael Davison, HPE’s worldwide director for blockchain. He mentioned that the blockchain industry is predicted to have a $175B value by 2025, and DLT will be used in many industries, including healthcare. It is crucial to keep patient information safe and prevent fraudulent claims, which is why the industry, and others that require fraud prevention, can benefit from DLT.

 Marty Edelman of Creative System Software, formerly of Home Depot, and a well-renowned NonStop evangelist, presented a second keynote on Tuesday about managing IT teams. He re-emphasized that blockchain will grow at a fast pace and will be the next challenge for developers, and also emphasized that NonStop companies will need REST technology, if they aren’t using REST with their NonStop applications already. At NuWave, we all agree with this assessment, and REST was another theme throughout the conference, including in presentations by HPE, TIC, and of course, NuWave.

 NuWave gave a presentation on modernizing NonStop applications by exposing them as REST services. The session was called “You Need [a] REST: Receive Orders through NonStop from Any Platform Using REST Web Services!" NuWave’s Andrew Price, APAC Regional Manager, and Vincent Guerrera, Regional Sales Manager, talked about how to quickly and easily create REST services from your existing NonStop applications using LightWave Server™. They performed some exciting live demonstrations using a simple order entry system with client applications on various platforms. One consisted of placing a verbal order through an Amazon Echo to the NonStop. Gustavo Martinez, NonStop Systems Programmer at Red Link, described his environment and his recent experience working with Lightwave ServerTM. He emphasized how easy the product was to use and how excellent the support was that he received. He seemed a little surprised, but we told him it would be easy!

Andrew Showing Amazon Echo Diagram.jpg

We were very glad that one of customers, Jes Thamdrup of Raymond James, was able to give a user presentation on how they have been able to access external Web services, like the Reuters1 public Web service, from their NonStop applications. Jes spoke about the positive impact this has had on their business, including being able to access real-time stock prices from NonStop, which allows them to generate an accurate trade quote on NonStop for their customers. Gustavo also made a cameo in this presentation to talk about his experience with LightWave ClientTM.

 Monday night’s networking event was a Chinatown theme by the pool, and Tuesday night at TBC was a fun wine blending competition. NuWave’s Gabrielle Guerrera was on the winning team and everyone got a bottle of the winning blend--thanks OmniPayments!

Gabrielle with Young Choi.jpg

 Congratulations to the three winners of our prizes! Young Choi of Home Depot and Tsun-Tien Lin of Hua Nan Securities in Taiwan each won an Amazon Echo Dot, and Dean Malone of Stored Value Solutions won Amazon Echo Gen 2.: Dean Malone, Stored Value Solutions.





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To request a demo or to learn more about the technology presented at TBC, reach out to sales@nuwavetech.com.