Did You Miss Our Webinar on How to Open Up Your NonStop with RESTful Services?

RESTful web APIs are ubiquitous -- everyone’s using them. This webinar will provide a technical overview and some exciting demos to show how easy NuWave's LightWave products make it for NonStop applications to provide and consume REST Web services.

Our Senior Software Architects will take you through the capabilities of the LightWave products and show you how integrating your NonStop has never been easier. They will follow the presentation with a Q&A to answer any of your questions.

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More About LightWave ServerTM andLightWave ClientTM

LightWave ServerTM allows you to expose your existing Guardian or Pathway servers as industry-standard REST services. These services can then be accessed from REST clients running on virtually any computing platform. LightWave ServerTM does this while maintaining the security, reliability and scalability of your HPE NonStop server and applications.

With LightWave ClientTM, your NonStop application simply sends a formatted interprocess message to theLightWave ClientTM Process which handles all of the details of mapping the IPM elements to a JSON message, exchanging the message with the Web service provider, and parsing the JSON response into the reply IPM.