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NuWave Use Cases

iStock-666853446.jpgSave time, money and resources with intuitive and cost-effective NonStop middleware from NuWave. With NuWave's client-server middleware, your HPE NonStop applications can seamlessly integrate with a variety of Web services, applications, APIs, and processes. There are countless ways that HPE customers can use NuWave solutions. HPE NonStop users in all industries, including finance, manufacturing, health care, energy, and transportation can use NuWave software to do things like,


Payments & Finance Use Cases

  • Communicate with other systems for payments - Read our Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)customer story to learn more
  • Process payments - Read our Cass customer story to learn more
  • Pull current stock prices from Reuters1 or a similar Web service to generate trade quotes on NonStop for your finance customers
  • Authorize transactions using LightWave Server to interface between NonStop and your POS system
  • Allow customers to access COBOL servers from a customer portal
  • Interface to Cybersource for credit card authorization using SOAPam Client
  • Allow NonStop applications to access rules stored on another system before processing payment


Retail, Manufacturing & Distribution Use Cases

  • Use LightWave Server to allow customers to place orders from a mobile app 
  • Connect an order management application to an Oracle ESB 
  • Interface to a key management system using LightWave Client


Health Care

  • Allow doctors and nurses to use iPads to access patient records stored on NonStop
  • Send patient vital signs from a wearable device to NonStop



  • Remotely monitor gasoline tanks by sending readings from NonStop to your mobile device
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