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"NuWave's products are elegant."

-Phil Ly, President

TIC Software

"In just two days we were able to test Lightwave ServerTM using an existing Pathway server and SOAPUI--fantastic! The trial experience was really good; we especially appreciate the quick responses from product support, even during our evaluation. NuWave has a great product and an excellent support team that understands both the NonStop world and the API world very well. For people with NonStop expertise,  the integration between legacy and modern technology was easy."

-Gustavo Martinez, NonStop Engineering Head

Red Link S.A.

"Modernizing the user interface of our NonStop applications has been very popular with our users. The ease of implementation has allowed us to focus on the business logic embedded in our NonStop applications, and made it easy to interact with third party service providers."

- Terry Permenter, Manager of Information Systems

Washington Federal Savings

"I've only had to contact NuWave's Product Support twice in the last two years and each time was for information regarding software version compatibility with our Operating System. In both cases I found them to be extremely helpful, prompt and very courteous while researching my requests... I'm very happy with the support."

- Felix Pacheco, System Analyst

"Using the other solution would have required us to purchase, install, and learn several packages. Each package involved an investment in time, and a pretty steep learning curve. Once we had a short demo of SOAP/AM®, we were able to use it within a half hour. It made the purchase decision very easy."

- Tom Schaper, Project Leader
Cass Information Systems

"We purchased SOAP/AM® Server and SOAP/AM® Web Service Client because we were confident they could help blend our Windows and NonStop environments, protect our IT investment, and enhance the efficiency of our operations. They have met our expectations, and then some."

- Jim Crowley, Manager of Internal Programming 
Cass Information Systems

"We tried to connect our NonStop to Oracle's Aqualogic for more than a week without success. Then we downloaded SOAP/AM®, and it just worked!"

- Systems Engineer


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