Frequently Asked Questions

SOAPam® Server FAQ

What is middleware? What do I need to know when choosing a product?

If you are unsure about your HPE NonStop middleware options are, please read "What Is Middleware?" to learn more.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Use the contact us at to request more information about LightWave Client and we will set you up with a free 30-day trial.

Do you have any endorsements for SOAPam® Server?

Yes! Check out our endorsements page for more information.

Is there an additional charge for security?

TLS and other security features are included in the base product. There is no additional charge.

Can I read the documentation?

Yes, full documentation is available online at

Can I get a demonstration of SOAPam® Server?

Absolutely. A demonstration is included in our product presentation. Request your custom presentation of SOAPam® Server to learn more.

Does SOAPam® Server require OSS?

No. SOAPam® Server runs in the Guardian environment.

Will changes have to be made to my HPE NonStop applications?

There is no need to change your existing applications or NonStop server system software.

What kind of client applications will be able to access my HPE NonStop applications?

Client applications running on virtually any platform can securely access your NonStop server applications through a standard Web service interface.

How do I begin?

Send an email to the that describes your application architecture. We'll give you suggestions on how to proceed and help you along the way. We're happy to help.