Frequently Asked Questions

SOAPam® Client FAQ

What is middleware? What do I need to know when choosing a product?

If you are unsure about your HPE NonStop middleware options are, please read "What Is Middleware?" to learn more.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Use the contact us at to request more information about SOAPam® Server and we will set you up with a free 30-day trial.

Do you have any endorsements for SOAPam® Client?

Yes! Check out our endorsements page for more information.

Can I get a demonstration of SOAPam® Client?

Absolutely. A demonstration is included in our product presentation. Request your custom presentation of SOAPam® Client to learn more.

Does SOAPam® Client require OSS?

No. SOAPam® Client runs in the Guardian environment.

How do I begin?

Send an email to the that describes your application architecture. We'll give you suggestions on how to proceed and help you along the way. We're happy to help.