Watch "REST Services in Action" Webinar Recording

Missed our webinar on REST services? Watch "REST Services in Action: Using RESTful APIs with HPE NonStop Applications" now! 

This webinar on utilizing REST services with your NonStop applications covered the following topics:

  • How to integrate your NonStop applications with REST Web services bringing the full benefit of public and private services into your NonStop applications through several demonstrations of NuWave’s LightWave product suite
  • LightWave Client™ demonstrations where NonStop applications easily access publicly available REST services, including real-time stock quotes, and using a REST service provider such as OpsGenie, to alert an on-call management solution for development & ops teams.
  • LightWave Server™ demos showing how existing NonStop applications can be exposed as REST-based Web services, allowing simple integration with browser applications, mobile apps, and even voice controlled via Amazon Echo!