Did You Miss Our Webinar and LightWave Server™ Demo?

LightWave Server™ allows you to easily integrate your HPE NonStop servers with other platforms and modern applications like browser-based applications and mobile apps. Our user-friendly interface provides you with the ability to point and click to share information stored on NonStop with your business partners, customers and other departments using JSON messages and REST APIs. This NonStop data could be used to enrich existing applications or it could be included in new mobile apps and web applications.

In this demo, one of LightWave Server's primary developers shows you how to add and modify user information, using the product's intuitive, browser-based interface.

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More About LightWave Server™

LightWave Server™ allows you to expose your existing Guardian or Pathway servers as industry-standard REST services. These services can then be accessed from REST clients running on virtually any computing platform. LightWave Server™ does this while maintaining the security, reliability and scalability of your HPE NonStop server and applications.