Combating the Challenges of a Matrix Company

by Gabrielle Guerrera on Thu, Jan 27, 2011

Change ManagementWhen project teams are built in preparation for an upcoming assignment, the structure of the surrounding enterprise organization can greatly affect how easy it is to gather resources and how a project is managed from start to finish. While tradition has it that businesses are ... Read More

Project Meetings: 3 Steps to Maximize Efficiency

by Gabrielle Guerrera on Thu, Oct 21, 2010

Project MeetingsIn one of our recent articles on project budgets, we got great feedback on ... Read More

Business Analyst--The Process MVP

by Gabrielle Guerrera on Thu, Sep 16, 2010

business analystI must admit, many articles on how to deploy a stellar project from start to finish are centered around the characteristics and habits of the project manager as the star of the project’s show. Has this approach been short-sighted – a little elitist even – in the IT ... Read More

3 Tips for Managing Virtual Teams

by Gabrielle Guerrera on Thu, Jul 15, 2010

virtual teamsThere’s a new TV show debuting this fall on NBC, the commercials for which I think are beyond hilarious. As funny as the ads are, the sitcom “Outsourced” is based on a not-so-funny reality – in some ... Read More

5 Ways to Maintain IT Project Morale

by Gabrielle Guerrera on Thu, Apr 22, 2010

IT Project Morale

If anyone knows the feeling of anxiety that comes after making a promise and realizing that you can’t possibly hold true to it, it’s a newbie project manager… okay, okay – politicians, too. As PMs, we've all written a proverbial check to clients that we were unable to cash (at ... Read More