Project Fun Competition Closed

Posted by Gabrielle Guerrera on Thu, Feb 10, 2011

The results are in! After hundreds of public votes as well as a decision from our judging panel, the winners have been chosen. Here are the top ideas for bringing fun to your projects:

Project Fun Competition1st Place: Have my team and stakeholders nominate one process that they feel is counterproductive and does not add value.

Prize: A PMP distance learning course from Parallel Project Training


2nd Place: A project team should be laughing a lot! A team which gets on and has fun working will be much more productive and a joy to work with! If they are having fun, they are communicating, and that has to be good!

Prize: Copy of The Lazy Project Manager from Peter Taylor, aka the Lazy Project Manager


3rd Place: Have a "Name The Project" contest where the project team (or you can open it up to an entire user class) nominates and votes on a code name for the project. This also works for naming the final product if you want. Then award small prizes (gift cards).

Prize: $15 eBay gift card from the IT Project Blog & NuWave


4th Place:Wine tasting has been a proven success on every occasion I have done it. People learn a lot and have fun at the same time - and it can be really effective for team building.

Prize: €10 or gift card from Jacques Dunselman, author of the Project Management With Flying Colors blog


Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest! There were a lot of great ideas and much discussion over the winners. And to everyone reading, I hope that you'll be able to put these ideas to good use, or if you have some more of your own post in the comments below! You won't get a prize, but your thoughts will certainly be acknowledged.