Tributary Systems Talks Storage Director and Future Growth

Posted by Mandi Nulph on Fri, Sep 9, 2016

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Tributary Systems Chairman and CEO, Shawn Sabanayagam; VP of Software Development, Glenn Grundstrom; and their new chief revenue officer, Antonio Rajan. We talked about the company, their new products, and how they intend to position the company for future growth.

Tributary Systems was founded in 1990 as a solution provider for Tandem selling used systems, as well as developing new solutions to add value to Tandem customers all around the world. The company evolved very quickly to being a provider of tape storage and data protection solutions for Tandem customers after that.

Tributary-1.jpgThe company has evolved within the NonStop space since then, moving through digital linera tape (DLT) technology, at a time even competeing with Tandem itself. After Tandem was acquired by Compaq in 1997, Tributary was brought in to help Tandem develop tape products, and their first products were born and their relationship with Tandem/NonStop has progressed ever since.

After 2002, the concept of virtualization on backup storage made its way to the NonStop market, and in 2005, they introduced the product now known as Storage Director. Storage Director is a patented backup virtualization software that was conceived and developed long before “software-defined storage” was an IT trend. Storage Director’s architecture made it hardware agnostic and multi-platform, as well as tape, disk, NAS and cloud compatible.  The any-to-any capability makes Storage Director completely unique in the marketplace.

Storage Director has continuously evolved since then. Late last year, Storage Director 5.0 was released, and the continuous development of it has made Storage Director a leading edge multi-platform, software-defined data backup, replication and DR solution. "Storage Director 5.0 is completely cloud-compatible and eliminates the need for a second data center for disaster recovery (DR)," Shawn said. "Instead, we are able to offer customers a secure cloud backup, which provides a second copy of their mission-critical data, vaulted to any Amazon S3-compatible cloud architecture. Storage Director safely replicates the encrypted data to the cloud and is able to efficiently restore it while adhering to RPO and RTO objectives the customer specifies at a fraction of the cost of having a separate DR datacenter."

Shawn_head_shot.jpgStorage Director was already unique when it was first brought to market. It is the only solution in the NonStop space that is a multi-platform any host server to any storage medium solution for data backup, and it has been that way from day one. It was never just a NonStop-only solution, and that is very important, not only to Tributary Systems, but to the broader data storage community at large, as NonStop continues to make their platform less proprietar and more versatile.

"We at Tributary Systems have focused on mirroring that value proposition for our HPE NonStop customers by offering a backup solution that not only backs up, protects, replicates and manages mission critical data throughout its lifecycle for NonStop data, but we also can back up all other HPE platforms including SuperdomeX, HPUX, Open VMS and all IBM platforms including, Mainframe z/OS, AS/400/IBM i and AIX as well as all open platforms and operating systems," said Shawn.

Storage Director was conceived as a fairly versatile back up, replication and DR solution with strong data migration capabilities in customers’ heterogeneous environments.  As we were the first to come to market with a broader-than-NonStop solution, we are also first to market with the cloud solution, that allows HPE NonStop customers to securely replicate their data to the cloud.

And, it seems, the cloud is the place to be these days. More companies are moving to the cloud for various reasons, and in terms of mission critical data, this often raises eyebrows about security and reliability. But as cloud storage becomes the "norm", innovators like Tributray Systems are finding ways to use this convenient and cost-effective technology.

"Data from NonStop applications is not one-size fits all," adds Shawn. "A lot of customers, both on NonStop and other platforms, essentially protect all their data the same way. Many solutions do not allow data to be separated into pools and be protected in different locations, on different media, with different retention policies. Storage Director is a policy-based data backup solution that has, from day one, enabled the separation of data into different categories, or pools, working with the host server's backup application and protecting different sets of data with different policies. This increases the efficiency and reduces the cost and footprint of the hardware needed to protect NonStop data. We want to give customers the option to do this with cloud-compatible storage."

Antonio_head_shot.jpgCloud storage means more affordable options for smaller businesses that want the protection of a NonStop system without the large (and expensive) footprint. And that is what Tributary has set out to provide through offering new strategic partnership opportunities to bring these options into other markets.

"I have asked product engineering to create something that is unique in the market, and to that end, we are going to be releasing a new, all-in-one, affordable appliance this year for the small middle-market businesses," says Antonio Rajan, new Chief Revenue Officer at Tributary. "It's something that we feel is a very unique and, more importantly, carries a price point that no one else can offer."


You can read the rest of our chat with Tributary Systems to learn more about Storage Director 5.0 and the their plans for the future in the July/August issue of The Connection here.

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