HPE's Andy Bergholz on NonStop Future and Innovation

Posted by Mandi Nulph on Sun, Nov 27, 2016

hpe logo.jpgAs everyone returns home from Connect Technical Boot Camp and starts to process what they learned, we take a look back on the last year in NonStop and what has been done in terms of innovation, and what we can expect in the future. As technology and the marketplace changes, so does the need for companies to be able to evolve with technology and trends and stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape. People are changing the way they do business and consuming products and services. With options like Netflix, Amazon, and even Uber making it easier than ever for consumers, businesses must adapt.

Nobody knows more about NonStop innovation than Andy Bergholz, director of engineering at HPE. “The marketplace is changing at an extraordinary pace,” he said. “So companies need to be able to defend and then attack against these market disrupters.” That’s why HPE has focused and comitted themselves to innovation to ensure that NonStop continues to provide businesses the options necessary for such forward progress: a focus on the digital core, a commitment to mission critical data and more choices on how to deploy and utilize NonStop.

Many NonStop customers are working with multiple data centers, which creates a unique problem in our industry. “We have customers come to us and say, ‘we are replicating data across multiple databases, so we have 16 versions of the truth instead of one version of the truth.’ One of the things that we are focusing on is how we can provide you with one version of the truth. That digital core,” said Bergholz. For HPE, that answer is providing users with an adaptable digital core.

The digital core allows users to make business decisions quickly and deploy applications quickly and efficiently. The digital core of the NonStop user is the heart of their company. Being able to run analytics and applications is paramount, which is why HPE’s commitment is to get more value from the data. Massive scalability is something Andy Bergholz talks about a lot as well. “Why do you continue to use NonStop? Is it the continuous availability? Is it the massive scalability? Is it the business continuity? Why are we still the platform you trust to run 24/7, so you can go to sleep at night and not worry. What we are really trying to deliver here is choice. How would you like to consume your NonStop?” he says.  What draws businesses to NonStop, in many cases, whether it is NonStopI or NonStopX, is that you can plug it in, configure it, and use the system. HPE will continue to provide those solutions to the customers that want it, but they also want to provide other solutions to customers with other needs.

20161114_083008.jpgPrivate cloud storage is something we have been hearing a lot about from a variety of companies, and even other vendors, in the NonStop space. Not only does the cloud take up less space in terms of hardware, but it also provides a reliable solution to companies who want the continuous security of NonStop at a more affordable pricepoint or for limited periods of peak business use. As IT solutions move more and more towards the cloud, HPE has committed themselves to be able to deploy NonStop in that environment through the vNonStop (virtual NonStop).  VNonStop provides more options. Choice to the customers with platform from platform perspective. A choice in not only how to deploy NonStop, but also your applications.

“The virtual NonStop is a new world, and it takes a little while to wrap your head around it. We’re used to the physical. That blade over there is a CPU. That blade right there is a CLIM,” he said. “That mentality has to be taken into a logical role where it lives in a cloud, and those cores in a cloud are a CPU, those cores in the cloud are a CLIM. It’s all tied together by your 40 gig network in your cloud. In most cases, you can't even tell if you are running off of a cloud or not.”

Application development and flexibility is another area where HPE and their NonStop team have been focusing a lot of attention. Customers have been requesting alternatives to Oracle for quite some time, according to Bergholz, and I think many of us out there would agree this is a major shift happening, and he reiterated that they have headed the request. If you’re going to give customers more flexibility, you have to be able to work within their requests. “We want to make it more seamless to move an Oracle application off of your Oracle database and into a NonStop environment if you choose. Again, it’s about having the choice.”

Between last year at Boot Camp and this year, HPE has really refined what it is they hope to accomplish as part of their vision. If you have had the opportunity to hear Andy speak at any of the TUGs he has attended this year, you know this is something that the NonStop team is particularly proud of. If they aren't serving the needs of NonStop users and the community at large, NonStop will cease to benefit companies. It is reassuring to see HPE make such an investment in the future of NonStop, and in doing so, the future of the prosperity of its users and developers.

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