NonStop X is Only the Beginning

Posted by Gabrielle Guerrera on Fri, Jan 30, 2015

Topics: NENUG, NuWave, NonStop X

It's a new year and the NonStop space is buzzing with excitement about NonStop X. This new system comes out in March, and we cannot wait. We are hoping that this new version of our favorite platform will bring even more people into our small community, since a broader userbase will benefit everyone, including the existing NonStop customers. An influx of capital for HPE and the vendors will allow them to spend more time on R&D, which means the users will have more products to choose from, and the cutting-edge technology that they need for their businesses to prosper. This also means more jobs for people who specialize in NonStop development, and the best part: more people to meet at conferences!

At NuWave, we also have some new additions that we're excited about, and I'm happy to share those with you. We recently hired a new director of sales for EMEA, Dave Ross, who is based in London and will bring our technology to a part of the world that we feel is under-served (at least by us). Numerous US companies have benefited from our solutions, and now organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be able to learn about and take advantage of our NonStop software. Another thing that we're pumped up about is our

 latest innovation: LightWave™ Server, which is coming out this year, and which allows NonStop customers to access their systems from a mobile device. This technology brings even older NonStop systems into the 21st century, so we can't wait to get it on the market. We are currently talking to companies that are interested in our early adopter program, some of which have a specific need to integrate JSON or REST with their NonStop, and some that are just interested in accessing their systems from a browser or a mobile application. As we plan for this launch, we also hope to expand the use of our flagship products, SOAPam Server and SOAPam Client, which allow NonStop customers to integrate Web services into their existing NonStop environment.


On top of that, we're also working on some new partnerships that would allow other NonStop vendors to sell our software worldwide, broadening our own userbase. And I'm also pleased to announce that I'm now coordinating the New England NonStop User Group (NENUG), and I can't wait to plan a great event for this year. I will announce details for this meeting soon, and you're all invited to join us, especially those who are located nearby. The cherry on top of everything is that I just bought my first home (coincidentally, it's not far from HPE and NENUG!). There are so many positive changes happening that we are sure we'll have a great year, and we hope that you will, too!

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