Happy New Year From NonStop Innovations

Posted by Gabrielle Guerrera on Thu, Jan 1, 2015

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Happy New Years


To my readers, as the holiday season comes to a close, I wanted to wish you all a very successful and joyful 2015. And, as another year comes to a close, I think it's important to reflect on the last 365 days that have flown by in the blink of an eye. Time flies when you're a busy bee. First, as far as NuWave is concerned, we've had a really great year, both financially and strategically. Like most of you, we are full of optimism for the year ahead, and are especially looking forward to the release of NonStop X. This will hopefully mean a larger NonStop community, a long and prosperous future for NonStop, and many new opportunities for the individuals and companies in our space. We're also looking forward to our new partnerships blossoming in the coming year, as well as the release of a new product, so hopefully we'll have another great year to follow our last.


From a NonStop Innovations perspective, we've announced countless new products, services, companies, partnerships, and other news in the last year; and I've met so many interesting people along the way. We've gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, from both NonStop users and vendors; and I wanted to thank all of our readers for their support, as well as the vendors and NonStop experts who have contributed. Some of the first contributers were Scott Randall (Randall Consulting), Paul Holenstein (Gravic), Sami Akbay (WebAction), Greg Swedosh (Knightcraft Technology), Marc Soloman (BPC Banking Technologies), Randall Becker (Nexbridge), Werner Alexi (CS Software), Jack Di Giacomo (TANDsoft), Harry Scott (Carr Scott Software), and Marie Couch (Oracle), who all participated in the pre-conference series for Boot Camp 2013. Following the event, Andrew Price and I got together to do a post-conference article on XYPRO's presentations at Boot Camp, their new XDP product, their partnership with Voltage Security, the transition of XUA into the HPE NonStop Security Bundle, and their future plans.


After that first wave of articles and HPE's x86 announcement at Boot Camp, I interviewed several more vendors on their expectations for the release of NonStop X and the future of NonStop. I can honestly tell you that every single response was positive. I also wrote about Tributary Systems' new virtual media manager for the HPE StoreOnce de-duplication solution, CS Software's PDF generating software, the opening of Lusis Payments' US headquarters and their record-breaking benchmark study, the inclusion of WebAction in the Top Ten Big Data Companies of 2013, the release of TANDsoft's Enscribe-2-SQL Data Replicator, the new partnership between comForte and Carr Scott Software, some innovative new uses for the NonStop platform, NonStop's zero latency enterprise (ZLE) movement, NonStop's ability to manage cloud environments, XYPRO's management buyout, CSP Security's new Protect-UX product, Tributary Systems' new cloud storage solution, the NonStop demo mobile application, the release of "PCI DSS Compliance for HPE NonStop Servers" V3.0, and QSA's new Q/Taco and Q/TDM products. I also wrote a preview series for this year's Boot Camp conference, which included Bill Highleyman of the Availability Digest, Sami Akbay and Jim Knudsen of WebAction, and 3Qube's CTO, Vinod Muthuswamy.


Thanks to all of these new friends and to all of you for a great year! I'm looking forward to writing about even more NonStop-related topics in 2015, both on the blog and in The Connection, so stay tuned!

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