NonStop Entropy Process (NEP)

NEP provides a high-quality, cryptographic, random data source for NonStop systems. NEP runs as a fault-tolerant process pair in the Guardian environment and uses the OpenSSL cryptographically-secure pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) as its random data source. The process continuously gathers entropy from various system sources that are frequently changing and unpredictable, and it mixes it into the PRNG state. NEP makes random data available to applications via an easy-to-use static API library, or you can query NEP directly using the industry-standard EGD message protocol, via the Guardian IPM system.

XML Vault

XML Vault® allows HPE NonStop users to store a virtually unlimited number of XML documents and to easily retrieve any document. It also provides the highest reliability for handling these sensitive documents and the ability to access the document online to retrieve specific data within it.

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