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Posted by Mandi Nulph on Thu, Dec 15, 2016

20161114_180117.jpgIf you're like us, you're still trying to process everything that happened at this year's Connect Technical Boot Camp! TBC is always overwhelming and there's always a lot of information to take in and pick through when you return home. We were fortunate to be able to have several of our team members attend, as well as an opportunity to present some really cool stuff, and we always love to meet with our friends and colleagues and find out what is new in the world of HPE NonStop. The Fairmont in San Jose was jam packed with over 400 people in attendance,  so there was never a dull moment

As usual, Boot Camp was busy (and it didn't seem to ever let up!). The fun started on Sunday night with the annual Beer Bust, an event that everyone looks forward to every year, before we all got down to business on Monday.

Rob Lesan TBC.jpgWe had the pleasure to present "Talk with Your NonStop: Integrating NonStop with Modern Devices" on Monday afternoon. In this presentation, our Senior Software Architect, Mark Roy, guided us through how to use REST APIs to integrate your NonStop systems with modern devices like tablets, cell phones, smart watches, and even the Amazon Echo. This makes it possible for customers to access their account or place an order from any device, or use services provided by business partners to check inventory, place orders, obtain delivery schedules, and much more. We were happy to have a great turnout and a very interactive Q&A session following the presentation. After our presentation, Dale Hiatt from US Foods won an Amazon Echo.

If you missed our presentation at Boot Camp or were unable to attend our webinars on the subject, you can download the video of the webinar to learn more.

In addition great vendor presentations, we also got keynote speeches from Rob Lesan, Connect President; Randy Meyer, Vice President and General Manager of Mission Critical Systems; and Andy Bergholz, HPE NonStop Director of engineering. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Andy about what the future of NonStop holds (you can read that over on our NonStop Innovations blog), and he touched on a lot of these points during his presentation including HPE’s acquisition of SGI, how NonStop and Unix are becoming software-driven purchases, and how the market has driven the value propositions at HPE vNonStop to allow customers with a private cloud to ramp up temporarily so customers don’t have to invest in more systems in order to test applications that may or may not work out in the long run. Monday also brought a great networking sponsored by many vendors at the Silicon Capital Club, and we enjoyed dinner at Il Fornaoi with several of our customers.

Tuesday proved to be another day full of great presentations and more keynotes, this time from former Tandem employee, Professor Timothy Chou. He discussed an interesting topic in the "internet of people", in which he talked about a future in which everything will have a cell phone in it from our coffee pots to the tractors that harvest our food, enabling is to collect data from 1000s of sensors to better each industry in brand new ways. NuWave even got a shoutout from Karen Copeland during her presentation! Later, there was a fun casino night sponsored by vendors to round out the festivities.

Technical Boot Camp always provides us with a lot of great information to consider as we move into the next year. If this TBC was any indication, there are some really exciting things on the HPE NonStop horizon to look forward to in 2017!

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