MRTUG and OTUG Recaps

Posted by Mandi Nulph on Fri, Mar 18, 2016
We have been so busy this month attending all the great conferences! Most recently we attended back-to-back conferences at MRTUG in the greater Chicago area, and OTUG at JP Morgan in Columbus.
20160317_133331.jpgTom Moylan's goodbye tour continues. At both conferences, he emphasized his faith in Jeff Skinner, who will be the new NonStop Director of the Americas. He hired Jeff when Jeff was 24, with the goal to bring more young adults and more energy into the NonStop space. He mentioned that Jeff is young enough to be his son, and also pointed out to the group that NuWave's Gabrielle is young enough to be his granddaughter. 

Tom has been in the space for 42 years, having started at Honeywell right out of college, then he went on to be a systems architect, programmer, systems manager, and so on, at eight different computer companies, eventually ending up at Tandem. He thought it was a weird company at first, didn't like that he had to do so many interviews there, but he liked working with a larger, more complex computer. Then he went on to be a sales manager at another company, but he went back because he really liked the camaraderie at Tandem/Compaq/HP. He also likes the value that NonStop adds to companies, likes that talking about all the different scenarios where NonStop wouldn't go down. Remembers an executive at Bon-Ton Stores, who didn't know anything about coding, saying that for 15 years their system never went down.

Tom told the groups in Chicago and Columbus that the higher-ups at HPE, including CEO Meg Whitman, have a lot of support for NonStop. He also talked about the growing revenues in NonStop from 2014 to 2015, and he sees this continuing into 2016. Tom closed with his favorite thing about NonStop, and what he believes is the biggest differentiator: the culture. He revealed that he has urged Jeff to focus on one major thing: preserving the culture.

Wendy Bartlett, Distinguished Technologist at HPE, was a champ, presening THREE TIMES at MRTUG and OTUG. Her first presentation was an updated NonStop roadmap, focusing on YUMA and NonStop virtualization. HPE believes YUMA will be a game-changer for NonStop, allowing it to play in areas where it couldn't before. It eliminates latency, and it allows you to connect to Linux and other platforms. NonStop X is more like commodity hardware, rather than proprietary hardware. She also clarified that NonStop i is a new term that refers to existing Blades systems released prior to NonStop X.

In Wendy's second presentation, she gave a technical overview of NonStop X, and talked about how to migrate to the new platform. in her third presentation, she gave a NonStop security update, which discussed the new options to protect data in motion and data at rest, including tokenization and format-preserving encryption (FPE).

Tom Miller, HPE, gave a demo of NonStop's mainframe replacement capability, showing how to move an IBM environment over to NonStop.

20160315_163104-1-1.jpgKeith Moore, HPE, presented on the internet of things (IoT), giving a demonstration of four "things" (devices) running NonStop in the background. Four attendees were given "things" to turn on in order to complete the demo.

At both conferences, Gabrielle Guerrera presented on how to modernize NonStop applications by integrating them with other platforms. She gave a demo of NuWave's latest product, LightWave ServerTM (LWS), showing how a browser-based client application sends a request to LWS and receives a response with system information and CPU status.

Some highlights from individual conferences include:
MRTUG (at Resource1 in Greater Chicago area)
  • Congratulations to Ted Padget of US Foods for winning the Pebble smart watch from NuWave
  • Networking after the event was held at Pour House, a nearby watering hole with a large beer selection. We enjoyed connecting with new and old friends, customers and vendors!
OTUG (at JPMorgan Chase in Columbus):
  • Held on St. Paddy's day, everyone was in the festive spirit!
  • The night before the conference many of the vendors, users, and HPE reps met at Matt the Miller's for dinner and drinks; then the adventurous folks went over to Tequila Cowboy for line dancing and karaoke. Unfortunately, the mechanical bull was down so XYPRO's Dale Van Stratten we weren't able to get the blackmail photos and videos that we were hoping for. JPMorgan's Steve Barker and XYPRO's Steve Tcherchian did perform karaoke throughout the night, which kept the group entertained, and NuWave's Gabrielle tried to learn how to line dance from some of the locals.
  • Congrats to Rob Klein of Speedway for winning NuWave's giveaway, a Pebble smart watch
  • NuWave sponsored the afternoon break
  • Networking after the event was held at Luigi's, where attendees drank green beer and watched NCAA basketball
We hope to see you at other events this year! Cheers!

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