March 2012 SunTUG

Posted by Gabrielle Guerrera on Fri, Feb 17, 2012

SunTUG SummitSunTUG
March 2, 2012
Embassy Suites
Tampa, FL

Ernie Guerrera, NuWave's president, and Tom Grecco, director of sales, are excited to attend this year's SunTUG Summit. Tom, still somewhat new to the team, will get a chance to meet some of NuWave Technologies' loyal partners and customers, including JP Morgan Chase, who will play alongside the pair in the golf tournament on March 3rd. The duo will also give away a 1TB external hard drive that fits in the palm of your hand, as well as two of the company's new generation of polo shirts.

Another exciting aspect of this event is that one of NuWave's software users will give a presentation from their point of view. Javid Quadri of RBC will explain how he created Web Service methods using NuWave's SOAP/AM Server to expose RIMMS (a NonStop application) to multiple front end portals. This senior technical analyst will also describe how he selected and efficiently installed SOAP/AM® at Royal Bank of Canada. Javid will explain the design, development and implementation of the resulting solution, and he will shed some light on the benefits of the product and the post-implementation experience.


Javid has worked in the HPE NonStop space for over 20 years, primarily in the financial services sector. In that time, he has led several high-profile projects relating to data replication, performance analysis, IMN/IP conversion, continuous linked settlements (CLS) and payment processing automation, among others. Working at RBC Capital Markets, Javid has been a key contributor to many initiatives, including the creation of an internet Web portal used by clients to view account information, review account balances and create FX and payment transactions in any major currency.

To see a full agenda and other details for SunTUG, go to the event page.

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