Who Are The Middleware Guys?

We are NuWave Technologies, and we specialize in middleware for HPE NonStop servers, including REST API solutions like our latest products, LightWave ServerTM and LightWave ClientTM.

NuWave was originally founded by Ernie Guerrera in 1999 as a consulting group, but today we are better known for providing easy-to-use software solutions and exceptional customer support at a great value.

Our flagship products, SOAPam® Server and SOAPam® Client, which allow NonStop customers to leverage SOAP Web services to interoperate with other systems, were launched in the early 2000s but are still supported and widely used across the NonStop customer base today.

Over the past two decades, NuWave has grown through new product development and forging relationships with partner  companies that offer complementary technologies and services. We really do take pride in delivering solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. Between innovative products and customized services to meet your needs, NuWave can vastly improve the performance of your business. Let us show you how.

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